Masoud Jamshidian Reflexologist, MD
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Essential oils are fragrant, highly concentrated natural compounds that come from the flowers, roots, bark, stems, seeds, and other parts of a plant while aromatherapy is the practice of using these oils extracted from plants to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing.
"Reflexology is gentle manipulation or pressing on certain parts of the foot (also hand or ear) to produce an effect elsewhere in the body."
Thousands of years of using reflexology in various regions of the world has made it a unique method of improving 
the sense of well-being among different nations.

The primary role of reflexology has always been to empower our "Resilient" body and improve the feeling of self-healing.
Reflexology does not heal; Its goal is to trigger the return to homeostasis - a state of equilibrium, balance, and relaxation. Relaxation is the first step to normalization. When the body is relaxed, healing is possible.Reflexology has evolved into an important and efficient Healing Art...
Being an Iranian physician and expert alchemist, Avicenna discovered that essential oils could be prepared from flowers too, and not just gums and resins.

Henceforth, all the way to the 17th and 18th centuries, experts and physicians such as Egypt’s Ebers Papyrus, and Greek’s Hippocrates played a great role in the adoption of, or the therapeutic application of natural oils, as we know today. 
 Essential oils and Aromatherapy Are Believed To:

Improve Well-being
Fight Stress & Anxiety
Sooth Pains
Fight Fatigue
Fight Memory Loss
Treat Skin-Related Conditions


Another definition:

 ...Reflexology is a non-invasive tool for restoring balance in our physical and spiritual being . Reflexology stimulates circulation, promotes the flow of energy and helps to maintain homeostasis in the body.

A Reflexology session is a wonderfully relaxing experience that helps to relieve stress and promote a feeling of wellbeing. Reflexology also functions as a helpful tool for detecting imbalances in organ and glandular systems. It simultaneously promotes treatment that helps to balance these systems through gentle pressure on reflex points and zones on the feet. People report improvements in health and wellbeing with the amelioration of symptoms from week to week as treatment progresses.

While there are still plenty of facts to be discovered about the effects of Reflexology and the mechanisms it employs to create such wonderful effects on body, most Reflexologist use this ( or similar)chart to work on their clients:

The Role Of An Expert Aromatherapist Is Crucial For Managing And Providing Essential Guidelines For Consumers. Essential oils are up to 500 times more concentrated than the original plants! Be Careful and seek advice from your Professional Healthcare Providers. Try to increase your Basic information first!
Reflexology is a Science, because it afects our physiological and neurological aspects, and an Art because it very much depends on how skillfully the practitioner applies his or her knowledge and the dynamics which occur between practitioner and recipient, and a Secrete! because no body still knows how this wonderful modality exactly initiates such fast, wonderful effects on body.
Some ways of using essential oils:

Skin/Topical application
  Aromatherapeutic Bath

  Oil Massage

  Internal using (Oral..)



A Traditional Aromatherapist

Before you attempt to do a body massage or inhale various essential oils , you need to be 100 percent sure your body is not allergic to the oils you intend to use because even though they are highly beneficial, improper use of essential oils can cause adverse reactions....( read more )
The oldest documentation depicting the practice of reflexology was unearthed in Egypt this evidence a pictograph dated around 2500 BC was found in the Tomb of an Egyptian physician Animator, at Sahara. According to evidence found in the tomb, Ankmahor was the most influential person second only to the king:

The success of these therapies is the result of the work of dedicated practitioners worldwide. As time progresses, so does reflexology. Continued practice study, research and awareness open new doors in the development of this therapy.