AboutGem Therapy


The Theory

You may have noticed people wearing rings of various gemstones. Today people believe in Reiki and Feng Sui, which recommend the use of gems. Astrologers suggest some particular stone or some crystal therapist may ask one to wear a big crystal to cure something or it may be that the gem is worn just for its beauty. The beauty of gemstones has fascinated man for centuries. As the man started wearing gems, certain properties came to be known and slowly the healing nature of some of the gems became apparent. Today there are books written on the healing properties of gem materials; there are websites on crystal therapies, which indicates that there must be some truth in the theory that gemstones have been beneficial for curing certain ailments. This paper presents the gemstones used in healing suggesting that there is a great scope for research.Dr Panjikar

Gem therapy is an alternative form of healing. Practitioners of this therapy believe that gemstones carry certain vibrations which when placed within a person's aura, has the effect of changing it. It is believed that the human aura consists of nine colors, namely: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, infrared and ultraviolet. Any deficiency or excess of these colors upsets the body's energy balance leading to illness. Gemstones heal by restoring the balance to the original composition of the nine colors. 
Gemstones transmit a particular wavelength to the body, which converts these rays into a chemical form that the body can utilize to improve its functioning both on a physical and an emotional level.  


The history
Gem therapy is not a new-fangled notion. There is evidence to show that the healing properties of gemstones were recognized as far back as the Greek and Egyptian civilizations and in the Vedic period in India. Archaeologists have found evidence of systematic mining for gemstones in Egypt over 7000 years ago as well as in the Oxus Valley in Afghanistan. 
According to Jacquie Burgess, the author of Healing With Crystals, crystal healing works by, “assisting us to tune into the rhythms of life, to respect creation, to balance the forces and influences that play through our lives, releasing attitudes and habits which no longer serve us.” 

Crystals are thought to boost low energy, screen out damaging energy, release stagnant or blocked energy and transform destructive patterns by drawing light and color into the body’s aura, which in turn elevates its frequency to allow the emergence of good lower frequency energies to enter the body.



Astrology is based on the supposed
influences of the stars and planets on
human affairs and terrestrial events by
Their positions and aspects. It is
believed that there is a relationship
between each planet and each sign of
the zodiac and every person and every
object (including gemstones) on the
earth. It is thus thought by many that the
influence of the planets over human
fortunes is enhanced by wearing the
gem appropriate to the globe or zodiac
sign concerned.

Gem therapy plus Aromatherapy



Agate banded-blue

Healing properties attributed to gemstones over the years

Condition                                     Gemstones                                                             

Circulation problems        Coral, Rhodochrosite

Epilepsy                                     Jasper

Headache                                                  Sugilite

Infertility                                                 Coral

Insomnia                         Amethyst, haem
atite, lapis lazuli,                                                                sapphire, topaz
Muscle spasms                                  

Nervousness                         Sapphire, topaz, tourmaline

Pain                                        Rock crystal, ruby, sardonyx

Rheumatism                     Amber, carnelian, malachite,                                                      turquoise, magnetite

Wounds                                        Carnelian