Ancient Remedies For Today`s Illnesses

Let`s share, and expand our general knowledge about our ancestors' beliefs in Nature and Health.

Compiled by Masoud Jamshidia,MD, Holistic care practitioner, Reflexologist

Reflexology Plus Aromatherapy : 
Art Of Healing, Creating An Excellent Sense Of Well-being!
The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.  Leonardo da Vinci

Unconditional love is life’s most powerful medicine. Healers strive to adopt an attitude of unconditional love for all people.

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As  Essential oils contain effective compounds, they have the potential to affect your mind and emotions. It is important to understand that aromas influence your brain because your sense of smell is over 10, 000 more accurate than all the other senses!
In addition, the sensory system is sensitive to over 10,000 aromatic chemical compounds!


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My only Wealth!


Twenty years of working experience in the field of western and holistic medicine with different people in a wide variety of cultures made me a fan of both holistic and conventional medicine.
The first thing I realized in my clients, is that how powerful energy and outstanding capability toward healing is glorying in them, and how strong they can be in healing themselves just with a little extra help, emotionally and physically.

I got my medical diploma twenty years ago, and from then till now, I have always been trying to offer my clients a mixed taste of western and natural medicine to help initiate their innate power of healing.

When it comes to deal with accidents and acute diseases, everybody knows how valuable and crucial is the conventional medicine which a lot of scientists made sacrifices to improve it during the last century.

On the other hand, the only way to maintain and enhance our body and soul state of well-being is to come back and embrace the "Mother nature" and listen to it. The universe which we, human beings are an integrated, nonseparable part of it has outstanding remedies for maintaining and improving our soul and body, as well as magic recipes for our illnesses.

Masoud Jamshidian, MD, Holistic Medicine Practitioner, Reflexologist

 I have been a reflexology patient of Masoud Jamshidian for about a year. In all this time.
I have always found Masoud to be highly professional in his reflexology procedures, sensitive to any discomfort I might be experiencing and always willing to suggest solutions. His conduct in all ways has been above reproach, and he has constantly shown concern for my well-being as his patient.



 I have known Masoud for over two years in his capacity as a certified reflexologist.
He has always shown himself to be very professional and knowledgeable in his work. He is a very kind and
considerate person.
He cares deeply about his client's
comfort before and during a session, always concerned how you are feeling. His craftsmanship is superior, having been trained as a doctor, he knows the workings of the body and uses this knowledge in his practice as a reflexologist.

I have never known him to be anything but polite and
caring and have enjoyed his services. He has helped me to manage or overcome many physical conditions both with his reflexology treatment and his advice.

I highly regard this practitioner...